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Private Group Classes in Raleigh

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Are You Looking for a Fun and Practical Group Outing?

Our Private Group Classes have exactly what you are looking for! Get the whole gang together for a practical and unforgettable team building activity. In our Private Group Classes we put everything together for you in a safe and effective way so you can focus on your group. Build confidence and gain empowerment with your whole group during a great and fun workout.

Our Private Group Classes are Perfect for All Ages and Fitness Levels!

Each class can be specifically tailored to your groups style and needs. Whether you are seeking team building, bonding, or just a fun shared experience, Krav Maga Raleigh can put together the perfect class. We encourage groups of all types to attend.

Groups recommended include the following: church groups, school groups, business events, law enforcement, clubs and organizations, friend groups, etc.

Literally any group of any kind can participate and take advantage of our private group classes! What are you waiting for?

What to expect in a Private Group Class:

  • Learn various strikes and kicks and put them together in drills
  • Learn techniques that can be used to protect yourself in real life scenarios
  • Experience Krav Maga Raleigh in a smaller, more personal environment
  • Have a fun and practical work out that will teach you valuable skills
  • Grow with your group and learn new skills!

Build unbreakable confidence and experience empowerment as a group. Grow with your team. Working together in a group gives you more. Enhance your experience today with our Private Group Classes at Krav Maga Raleigh.

Even One Class Can Help You and Your Group to Prepare for the Unexpected Situation!

To learn more about our Private Group Classes in Raleigh, contact us today by filling out the short form on the side of this page. A member of the Krav Maga Raleigh team will reach out right away to answer all of your questions!

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Due to the resurgence of Covid, and for the safety of our community, at this time we can only enroll new members who are fully vaccinated.