Krav Maga Self Defense Classes Conveniently Located in: Raleigh , and Wake Forest

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Krav Maga Self Defense

Raleigh  Krav Maga Self Defense

Develop bodyguard-grade self-defense skills, get confident and get ready to turn heads everywhere you go! When you take Krav Maga classes at Krav Maga Raleigh and Wake Forest, you'll learn how to get fit and go home safe!

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Raleigh  Fitness

Our fitness classes in Raleigh center around high intensity training on heavy bags, throwing the same punches, kicks, knees and elbows that we teach as life-saving techniques in our self-defense classes.

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Womens Self Defense

Raleigh  Womens Self Defense

In Krav Maga, we want everyone to feel welcome. It doesn't matter how old your are, everyone should have the tools they need to survive. The Women's Self defense program is meant to encourage women who may have little to no experience with self defense and introduce them to Krav Maga.

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Get Fit and Go Home Safe! Learn Real Krav Maga Self Defense!

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