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  • KMR 10th Anniversary is coming soon!

    Good morning everyone! It is almost September, which means that it's almost October, and that means it will be Krav Maga Raleigh's 10th anniversary soon! It will be a busy and exciting month, and we already have events planned for you to mark on your calendar: Sat. Oct 6
    - UFC night! Bring your family and friends and join the other KMR members to watch the UFC mega-event as Conor McGregor returns to the cage! Sat. Oct 13
    - 10th Anniversary cookout! The very first Krav Maga Raleigh class was October 13, 2008, so this will be 10 years to the DAY since we started! We will have a huge cookout that afternoon with the famous KMR donut burger, and whatever other crazy foods our awesome ....

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  • Workshops and Labor Day Weekend!

    Good morning everyone! We've got level 1 and 3 workshops this weekend, a modified schedule coming up for Labor Day weekend, and an active shooter seminar in September at the excellent Atlanta Krav Maga school! Saturday August 18
    Level 1 Workshop - 11:30am Level 3 Workshop - 1:30pm Labor Day Weekend Schedule:
    Saturday Sept 1
    10:00am - Fitness 10:30am - Mixed Level Krav 11:30am - Level 5/6 Krav Sunday Sept 2
    3:00pm - Kids Krav 4:00pm - Mixed Level Krav Monday Sept 3
    5:30pm - Fitness 6:30pm - Mixed Level Krav Active Shooter Seminar
    Our Krav family at Atlanta Krav Maga are having an Active Shooter Neutralization seminar on September 7th and 8th. It is open to all ....

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  • New Blog Post

    Welcome to first full week of August! After a quieter month in June, we have our full slate of workshops in the next couple weeks, so here they are! August 11
    Level 2 - 11:30 am Level 4 - 1:30 pm August 18
    Level 1 - 11:30 am Level 3 - 1:30 pm August 25
    Women's Self-Defense Introduction - 1:30 pm Many of you may have seen this incredible story about a police offer defending herself from a very violent attacker. She had training in Jiu-jitsu and Krav Maga, and it looks like it saved her life. We hope we don't have to use it, but it's really nice to have it when you need it. ....

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  • Kids' Classes and Women's Self-Defense!

    We had our first kids' class yesterday and it was a great success! Each one of those kids in the picture started what we hope is a lifetime journey of confidence, safety, and health. Although we have had kids' workshops every few months recently, it's very exciting for KMR - and hopefully for the participants - to start something regular. These classes are for 8-13 year olds, Sundays at 3:00pm You can get your child(ren) started as well by following this link ! Make sure to register an account to get a receipt. You can also call 919-602-3923 and we will get you set up! Our next Women's Self-Defense class is this Saturday ! You may have heard that Krav Maga is the best for ....

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  • I thought Bleu Could Sleep Hard...

    I guess Blue has some competition for the most couch-dedicated dog out there: Source: Sleepy dog is too tired to move even after falling off couch by rumblestaff ....

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  • Kid's Classes Starting This Sunday!

    We are very excited to start long-awaited kid's classes at Krav Maga Raleigh These classes are for kids aged 8-13 and will teach the same great self-defense and fitness that we've provided for 10 years! Classes are Sundays from 3-4pm starting July 22nd. Enrollment is limited and the classes are already filling up! Call us at 919-602-3923 for more information, or sign up right now ! ....

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  • Great Job Everyone!

    Great work everyone! We had four intense tests yesterday, and a hearty congratulations to everyone who participated! Everyone worked very hard to prepare for their tests and the hard work definitely showed. Many thanks also to the instructors for putting everyone though the tests, and for all the spectators who came to support the participants. It was very nice to see friends and family members, and meet some new ones. Things will slow down a bit for a few weeks now, but there is still plenty or activity with our next Women's Self-Defense workshop and next Kid's Workshop just around the corner! ....

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  • It's Time For Reviews!

    There are still a few days left in May, but for all intense and purposes (and intense purposes) we are in June and into the reviews and tests. IN ORDER TO TAKE A TEST, YOU MUST PASS A REVIEW. It's going to be all preparation all the time for the next almost-three weeks, and if you are looking to test it's time to buckle down and get serious. See you on the mats! PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE FOR THE REVIEWS.
    Saturday June 2
    10:30 am - Level 3 Review 1:30 pm - Level 4 Review Saturday June 9
    11:30 am - Level 2 Review 1:30 pm - Level 1 Review Saturday June 16
    9:00 am - Level 1 Test 10:00 am - Level 2 Test 11:30 am - Level 3 Test 1:00 pm - Level 4 Test ....

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  • Memorial Day Weekend and June Tests!

    Good morning everyone! First the important news: Someone should be coming to fix the air conditioning in the back room tomorrow. Hang in there for one more warm day and it will be a lot more pleasant soon. Fortunately the weather has been just shy of grueling, and with a little more rain in the forecast today we'll survive.
    We will be open this weekend and Monday, with a reduced schedule: Saturday May 26
    10:00 Fitness 10:30 Mixed Level Krav Sunday May 27
    4:00 Level 1 Monday May 28
    5:30 Fitness 6:30 Mixed Level Krav TESTS AND REVIEWS
    June is testing season! We have tests at all levels, so that means a lot of people preparing for a lot of tests. ....

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  • May Workshops and Krav Bingo!

    Hello all! May is underway, and with the gun workshop behind us it's time to focus on preparing for the tests in June. That means workshops galore for the next six weeks! Krav Bingo
    On May 1st we began a month-long game of Krav Bingo! You'll pick up your bingo card at the studio and every time you come in you'll check off the applicable box, for taking a Krav class, a fitness class, taking a picture with Bleu, and so on. Once you get bingo you'll get entered into a drawing for cool prizes like stickers, patches, free t-shirts and gear, and a free month of Krav! Pick up your card today! May Workshops
    Here are the upcoming workshops for May. PLEASE CHECK THE TIMES OF THE WORKSHOPS. ....

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