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  • Class Schedule This Week!

    Good evening everyone! We learned a lot about online classes and ironed out a few of the bugs. I know that on Saturday some people tried to join and couldn't so we'll try to figure out why that happened and fix it this week. In the meantime, keep signing in and training hard! Here is the full schedule for classes this week. It is subject to change, and you'll notice there are some details to still fill in, but now you can plan ahead at least a little bit. Also, to simplify things, we will try having just one link that always takes you to the right class. Basically it us an ongoing Zoom session that you'll join and leave when it's time for your class, instead of having different sessions ....

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  • Classes With Jaimie, and T-Shirts for Charity

    Good morning everyone! It's hard to believe that a week ago we had a level 1 test, and today things are so different. But as always we adjust and move forwards. We have two online classes this morning: fitness at 10:30am, followed by Krav Maga at 11:30am for people with training partners. I know not everyone has a partner to work out with, but if you have roommates or family members, this will be a great time to get them involved!Jaimie is teaching these classes, so for everyone who is missing her energy and awesome music, she's back! The links are below: 10:30am Fitness 11:30am Krav Maga for Partners T-Shirts For Charity! - Read the Post Below

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  • Classes and Workouts Today and Tomorrow

    Good morning everyone! It's Friday, which may or may not have any meaning to you, depending on your current work/life/quarantine situation. Regardless it looks to be a beautiful day, and we'll take advantage of it. Before I forget: Please join us in the Slack group. It is one of the ways we can keep in conversation, and keep the community alive while we are mostly at home. On to classes! At 11:30am I'll lead an online shadowboxing class that will function as both skills training and a workout. That class will be over Zoom, and streamed on FB Live as well. As with all of these classes now, I will archive the video so that you can follow along and train with it at any point. I know that ....

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  • All The Live Workouts And Classes So Far

    Hey everyone, this post will (hopefully) embed all the live workouts from Facebook Live, so that those of you that don't use FB can still do the workouts. For these classes, I was facing my computer to use Zoom for the actual class, so I know that the camera angles here are not the best, but it is the easiest way to record and save the videos. I'll get better at it quickly! Pushup Focused Fitness Class
    Hooks and Head Movement Focused Krav Class

    Inside Defense Krav Maga Class
    Fitness Class With a Heavy Weight
    Fitness Class Using Two Very Light Weights

    Krav Maga Class Focusing on Side Kicks and Changing Direction


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  • Some Clarity

    As I understand the shelter in place order, outdoor exercise is still allowed as long as we keep distance, so we will continue that if possible. However there will be no classes of any sort tonight; this week has been very busy with things changing every day, and now that there is some clarity, I can spend the rest of the day planning ahead a little bit. Expect at least one class tomorrow, and more and more detailed information tonight. Thanks for keeping up with us, and there is plenty more to come! ....

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  • Classes Today, Shelter in Place, Equipment Loans

    Good morning everyone! It looks like we'll get a shelter-in-place order today. It still allows outdoor activity, "Provided the individuals comply with proper Social Distancing Requirements," so I will check with law enforcement on how that applies to something like an outdoor fitness class. I would expect it does not allow a group workout, so it is likely we will not have the outdoor classes today. The links to the online Krav and fitness classes are below. They are at midday so I can see how many people like classes at what times. Both classes will require no equipment and no partner. The Krav Maga class will focus on hook and uppercut punches, and then long striking combinations ....

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  • Classes Today, and Outdoor Classes Tomorrow

    We have two classes today, both online. Click on the links to join the Zoom class, or watch and follow along on Facebook Live. Tomorrow we will have two more outdoor classes. I am playing around with putting different classes at different times of day, to see what works and what doesn't. The best method is feedback from all of you, so please let me know what classes you want when, and we'll make it happen! Wednesday Classes
    Wednesday 12:30pm Heavy Weight Fitness - This workout is for people that have a weight appropriate for holding while squatting, something between 1/4 to 1/2 of your body weight. If you don't have a weight like that, email and I can give you ....

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  • Wednesday Classes

    Let's keep this one short why don't we? Wednesday we will just have two classes, both online: Wednesday 12:30pm Heavy Weight Fitness - This workout is for people that have a weight appropriate for holding while squatting, something between 1/4 to 1/2 of your body weight. If you don't have a weight like that, email and I can give you some ideas of how to come up with one quickly. Wednesday 5:30pm Partner Krav Maga, No Equipment - All Level's Krav Maga Class for people that have someone to workout with. No equipment required. That's all for Wednesday! More online and outdoor classes coming Thursday. Please let me know what times, formats, etc work best for you. ....

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  • Safe Social Activities, Online Classes With Partners, So Much More!

    Good afternoon everyone! More classes and announcements, including some requests for community help, and some totally safe social activity! First things first: I expect a stay-at-home order to come any day now. We will do what we can in the meantime, but I am not trying to plan things more than a couple days out because of that expectation. Fortunately the online classes worked well, so look for those to expand more and more. Ok, onto the list!
    Online Classes tonight
    Online classes for people with partners
    Fitness with equipment
    Next Outdoor Classes
    Outdoor Movie Night! Online Classes Tonight
    Krav Maga at 5:30pm . This class will be for solo Krav Maga practice at home, focusing on ....

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  • Outdoor Fitness Tuesday! KMR Slack!

    Good evening everyone! First things first, please join our Slack group
    It's free, and functions as a bulletin board for our members to stay updated, chat with each other, ask questions, and stay connected. The biggest loss of the gym closing is not the training, it's the community, so let's put in the effort to stay engaged. Please join that Slack and get involved! We just had a couple of online classes for Krav Maga Raleigh, and they were a great success! More information about online classes is in the second section of this post. At the moment, while we have good weather and clearance to be outside, we'll schedule some outdoor classes.
    We can do Krav and Fitness classes in the ....

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