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  • Level 1 Test and Women's Workshop on Saturday!

    It's the end of the month and that means we have a Women's Self-Defense workshop coming up this Saturday! These workshop are always popular and have been especially crowded lately, so make sure to register now to get a spot! We also have our level 1 test on Saturday at 11:30am, along with all our regular classes, so lots of reasons to be here on Saturday. The 10th anniversary starts next week! RSVP for our events on Facebook , and get ready for an amazing month! ....

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  • Back to Normal

    We are open and back to normal today. The level 3 workshop is Saturday at 11:30am, the level 1 review is at 1:30pm. The level 1 test is next Saturday at 11:30am. ....

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  • Level 3 Class Tonight and Hurricane Update.

    Tonight we have our first new level 3 class at 7:30! The hurricane has not hit yet, so we'll see you on the mats! Hurricane Update
    Althought we don't know exactly how things will hit, it's hard to plan around uncertainty, so the level 1 review and level 3 workshops will be pushed to next Saturday, at the same times. The level 1 test will be the following Saturday. So everything is pushed back one week. Our regular classes will be on a wait-and-see basis. If it is storming but reasonably safe to drive, we will have a modified schedule to accommodate those students who want to train. If we're all running for our lives like the characters in a Roland Emmerich movie, then we will probably ....

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  • New Level 3 class and workshop, Family Security, and the Hurricane!

    Hello everyone! If you haven't heard, we're about to get wiped off the face of the planet by a hurricane. We'll stay tuned for updates but for right now the policy is to do what the schools do. If they are closed, we will close. It's also possible that we could have a modified schedule, like during the snow days. It all depends on how strong the storm is of course. It's also possible that KMR will become a hurricane shelter, as it's a pretty strong building that's not at the bottom of a hill. We will keep you updated as things develop. Level 3 News!
    In other important news, we have a new level 3 class starting TOMORROW at 7:30pm! This class will run every Tuesday at 7:30pm, so we look ....

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  • Krav Maga Kurdistan - Week 2!

    Cassie, Jeremy, and Joshua continue their adventure spreading Krav Maga across Kurdistan! This week they are teaching at a different camp, and each camp will have radially different facilities, leadership, and participation. At this camp they are able to to teach smaller groups of older girls, in a facility with intermittent air conditioning. In another camp, the training area might be a pit of snakes, you just never know. As Cassie was teaching this class of young women, a group of older women showed up and said, "We want to learn this too." It's incredible how hungry people are for any sort of training here, but when you think about the lives they've led, it makes sense. This ....

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  • New L3 Class Starts Tuesday September 11th!

    Good morning everyone, and especially the level 3 students. We have a new level 3 class starting on Tuesday, September 11th. This class is at 7:30pm and will run every week as long as attendance holds. Cassie will be the primary instructor for the class once she gets back from teaching Krav Maga to every single person in Kurdistan. Put this class on your schedule and we'll see you there! ....

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  • Labor Day, and new Family Security Training Workshop!

    Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying a nice, relaxing day off, except for Josh and Renee who are at the studio today so that I don't have to go in. I'd like to take this opportunity to first thank all of the staff at Krav Maga Raleigh for their hard work and dedication to the students and the program. I can't think of many other companies where the employees primary goal of working there is to improve the lives of other people, and I'm very lucky to be the owner of one. I am very much looking forwards to getting back in there on Tuesday when we resume our regular schedule. Traveling to Kurdistan and teaching self-defense to some of the most vulnerable people in the world ....

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  • One Week Complete for Krav Maga Kurdistan!

    Even though we didn't teach any boys yesterday they came back in force today. Tiny barbarians at the gate. I joked about riots on previous days, but it actually got pretty intense today. Some of the older boys took on the task of keeping the younger boys out of the training area, but most of them were doing it not to be good helpers, but because they wanted to be in a position of power. A really common occurrence was a handful of boys would breach the gates. I would catch the first one in and turn him around, and he would immediately start waving his ams at the kids behind him and say (I assume) "Get out! Get out!" As if his plan all along had been to get ahead of the mob so ....

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  • Krav Maga Kurdistan - Day 5!

    With most new things, it seems like you get good at them just in time to finish the project. This is our second-to last day at the camp, and we've figured out how to manage all these kids. Figured it out to some degree at least. Cassie has at least figured out how to teach 70 girls at one time, so that's something to be happy about. By now they have learned defenses against choke from the front at bear hug from behind as well. Everyone seems to have a great time, and even when we say the training is over, they want to stick around and practice. They'll pick up the pads but instead of goofing around with them, they actually practice the drills they've learned. And they ....

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  • Krav Maga Kurdistan - Day 4!

    Today was a near riot. We had about 40 kids train the first day, probably 100 the second day, and well over 200 today! It was absolute madness. We started with a group of about 90 girls, while the boys waited outside and tried to tear the gates apart. I had the cushy part here, as I sat in the air conditioned office of the camp director, who wanted fitness advice. He was so busy with meetings that I never had a change to talk with him, so after about 45 minutes he let me go. Although I didn't get to work with him, it was interesting to see how many people came through his office. He probably had seven or eight different appointments while I was there. Apparently some of these camp ....

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