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  • It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Kravmas!

    Happy Monday everyone! We had a great week and weekend leading into December, with all kinds of reviews and workshops. Everyone was looking very strong in classes and reviews on Saturday, and we're on track for a great finish to the year. December is the time of year when most people start slowing down, and putting off things for the new year. That's fine in a lot of cases, but not with your training. Whatever goal you're going to make for the New Year (lose weight, get stronger, graduate to the next level) you'll get there faster if you're working on it now! We have two more weekends of reviews and workshops, and it's time for Kravmas! Dec 8
    11:30am Level 3 Review Round 2 1:00pm ....

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  • Let's Get Ready for Some Tests!

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and got plenty of food, rest, and recovery. November is almost over and the holiday season is officially in full swing! December is always an exciting month at Krav Maga Raleigh with the end of the year tests, and the huge celebration of Kravmas! Let's look at the test and workshop schedule first. Some times may have been changed or added, so please review the schedule again. Dec 1
    11:30am Level 3 Review 1:00pm Level 2 review Dec 8
    11:30am Level 3 Review Round 2 (if necessary) 1:00pm Level 1 Review Dec 15
    9:00am Level 1 Test 10:30am Level 2 Test 12:00pm Level 3 Test KRAVMAS
    Every year in December we celebrate the 12 Days of ....

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  • Happy Kravsgiving!

    Happy Kravsgiving everyone! I hope everyone is warm and relaxed with their very harmonious family, or with a group of good friends. We DO have class this morning! Come in at 10:30 for a great pre-feast fitness class! Prepare your body for turkey with gobble squats, and build up that calorie deficit with glute yam raises. The Thanksgiving fitness classes are always a ton of fun, and you'll feel so glad later today that you trained. At KMR, we are so glad and thankful to have an amazing community, so thank you from all of us for being part of the KMR family. Have a great day, great vacation, and we'll see you on the mats! ....

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  • Thanksgiving Schedule, Including Thanksgiving Day Class!

    Good morning everyone, and happy Thanksgiving Week! We have a modified schedule for the holidays, but we do have classes every day, including on Thanksgiving day. So there are more ways to train than fighting with your family! I hope everyone has a great week and great vacation, and we will see you on the mats! Wednesday 12:15pm Mixed Level Krav Maga Thursday 10:30 am Fitness Friday 12:15pm Mixed Level Krav Maga Saturday 10:00am Fitness 10:30am Mixed Level Krav Maga Sunday Regular schedule resumes ....

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  • Class Today and Friday

    Hey folks, two schedule updates for this week. Remember that we have a modified schedule for Halloween today: 12:15pm Level 1 5:30pm Fitness 5:30pm Level 3/4 6:30pm Level 1/2 On Friday
    we unfortunately have to cancel class again, but it's for a good reason. More unavoidable, uninterruptible work at the studio. But if things go well we can actually start putting the ceiling back in next week, so please bear with us a little longer. I know it might not seem like we're accomplishing anything, but we're working as much as we can to get everything done, and we really are getting close. To make up for missing the Friday class, the 12:15pm class on Thursday
    will be open to all levels. ....

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  • Halloween and November!

    Good morning everyone! It's Halloween week, and on Halloween day, October 31st
    , we'll have a modified schedule. In years past we have aways had very low attendance on that day, plus many of our instructors need to go out and steal candy from the children not training in our youth program, so we will have the following classes: 12:15pm Level 1 5:30pm Level 3/4 5:30pm Fitness 6:30pm level 1/2 WORKSHOPS
    October is almost over, which means it's basically November, which means it's basically the end of the year. At this point we start building up to the end of the year tests in December. Here is the workshop schedule through the end of the year. Although subject to change, we will try to ....

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  • Thank You Everyone!

    Good morning everyone, and thank you for coming out on Saturday and making our cookout so much fun! There was so much good food, good fun, and only a few minor injuries from javelin throwing. Let's do it again in 10 years! With all that, we're still forging ahead on training. We have a level 3 workshop this weekend at 10:30am, and remember there is a new level 3 class on Tuesdays at 7:30pm! We will have no class on Friday
    this week. There is some crucial building work that needs to be done and unfortunately there's just no way to work it around the class. The 10th Anniversary Card Game is still in effect! Make sure to pick yours up at the check-in desk! That will do it for now. Thank ....

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  • The Cookout is Today!

    It's finally here! The 10th anniversary cookout, and the last day you'll receive an email telling you about the cookout! We have our regular classes of course, and you can bet that we'll be working extra hard and burning as many calories as possible this morning so we can have those delicious donut burgers and all the other amazing food our staff and members are bringing this afternoon. The cookout runs from 12-4, and it looks like we'll have one of the nicest days of the year for it. While everyone is there, we'd also like to get "Class Pictures." So those of you that joined in 2018, 2017, 2016...etc. There's quite a lot of history at KMR by now, and we are so excited to celebrate the ....

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  • Anniversary Cookout on Saturday!

    It's here! The 10th Anniversary Cookout is this Saturday, Oct 13 from 12:00 - 4:00pm. The very first Krav Maga Raleigh class was on October 13th, 2008, so this will be 10 years to the day! Whether you've been a member for 10 years or for 10 days, we want you to come celebrate with us. We'll be making the famous Krav Maga Raleigh Donut Burgers, and you can bring whatever other food and drink you want for yourself and/or others. Please RSVP on Facebook if you use that service, because it really helps us know what to prepare for. Friends and family are welcome and encouraged to attend, and we can't wait to see you all there! In other news, we have our regular schedule today. No ....

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  • Level 1 Test and Women's Workshop on Saturday!

    It's the end of the month and that means we have a Women's Self-Defense workshop coming up this Saturday! These workshop are always popular and have been especially crowded lately, so make sure to register now to get a spot! We also have our level 1 test on Saturday at 11:30am, along with all our regular classes, so lots of reasons to be here on Saturday. The 10th anniversary starts next week! RSVP for our events on Facebook , and get ready for an amazing month! ....

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