Donuts? Do not.

krispy-kreme-birthday I live about a block away from a Krispy Kreme, so needless to say when I want to give into temptation, I don't have to travel far. We've had a couple of long days at Krav Maga Raleigh with working on the new fitness area and everything we need to do to get 2015 off to a good start, and I was pretty beat this evening. And I really wanted donuts. Fortunately I was also playing a video game, which means I had to get to a checkpoint before leaving, and that gave me enough time to change my mind, and I think the way I got myself to reconsider is worth sharing. At first I was slumping on the couch thinking, "I'm tired, I had a long day, it's been a stressful week, some donuts would really taste good right now." And they would, there's no denying that. But then I asked myself, "In addition to being tired and stressed, do I also want to be fat?" Surprisingly, the answer was a resounding "NO." And instantly my desire to visit Krispy Kreme disappeared. Instead of having to overcome and resist my desire for donuts, I changed my perspective on them so that I don't have that craving. It's hard to just make yourself avoid junk food because, "I shouldn't eat that," but it you can reframe your desire in a way that promotes the outcome. Will I get them again in the future? It's likely. But today I'm eating well, and I fell much better for it. I hope this perspective helps, and that you all didn't just read the first half of this and head out to get donuts!

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