Moving Update - Permits!

 in Raleigh  - Krav Maga Raleigh

We finally reached a milestone today when, after months of work, we got our permits from the city. That means we can actually go into the building and do the work required to get an inspection, which will give us the Certificate of Occupancy, so we can actually have classes there. Fortunately there's not very much work to do, it's mostly clearing stuff out of the way, so this process might go quickly.

We are doing the last section of moving this Friday at 1:15pm. Is anyone is available to help and make it as fast and easy as last weekend was, it will be greatly appreciated. 

Don't forget about the Beach Trip this weekend! 

NEXT WEEK: Although we won't be able to train in the building next week, that won't impede fitness classes, so we are going to keep most of those on the schedule. The address is 731 W. Hargett St. During work hours please do not use the parking lot next to the studio. There is ample street parking, and we can use the parking lot evenings and weekends. 

Here are the FITNESS classes for next week:





On Thursday evening we are going to have an EXCLUSIVE Krav Maga Raleigh cornhole tournament at the Flying Burrito! Our esteemed manager Renee Bragg has been running them for years up there, and we will have the boards all to ourselves!

And remember the Carjacking Workshop on October 7th from 10:30am to 1:30am. This workshop is free to members and guests of members, so we'll see you there! 

We hope that by the following week (starting Oct 9th) we can have classes inside the building, but if not we will have another slate of fun and exciting training and social opportunities for everyone. 

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