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Hello everyone! The Monday email is coming out a day early this week so we can capitalize on that sweet Easter co-marketing momentum. Also I wanted to put one genuine, non-awful thing on the internet today. April will be a busy month with the Kid's workshop in less than a week, an new Intro to Sparring workshop on April 22n, the new level 2 class, and all of our regular classes and events.

For new level 2 students waiting for shin guards, we have received the first order. There are so many new level 2 students that we cleaned out our supplier and still don't have enough for everyone! More are coming as soon as possible. In the meantime these will be first come, first serve!

We have our next Kid's Workshop on the schedule! It is April 7th at 12:30pm. These workshops have historically filled up quickly, so register now! 


We are holding an introductory level sparring workshop on April 22 from 1:00-4:00. Although this workshop will benefit students with beginning to intermediate abilities, it will be paced for students who are coming in to their first sparring experience. In addition to fundamental techniques and strategies, the workshop will focus on helping participants feel comfortable sparring, and working well with their partners. 

Our annual gun defense workshop is on the schedule for May 5th! This workshop will be at 11:30am, and last for about three hours. Members and non-members are both welcome to attend, please follow the links to your respective registrations. Register by April 21st to get a free t-shirt!

We have a new level 2 class starting Monday April 1 at 6:30pm. See you there!

Having just concluded a massive level 1 test, it's time to look ahead to the next Testing block, when we will have testing opportunities at all levels! There are a bunch of workshops and tests in the next few months leading up to it, so check out this chart below. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGES ON THE APRIL WORKSHOPS.

Apr 7Kids Workshop12:30 PM
Apr 14L2 Workshop11:30 AM
L4 Workshop1:30 PM
Apr 21L1 Workshop11:30 AM
L3 Workshop1:30 PM
Apr 28
May 5Gun Workshop         11:30 AM
May 12L4 Workshop11:30 AM
L2 Workshop1:30 PM
May 19L3 Workshop11:30 AM
L1 Workshop1:30 PM
May 26
June 2L3 ReviewL4 Review
June 9L1 ReviewL2 Review
June 16L1 TestL2 TestL3 TestL4 Test
June 23WSD

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