It's Time For Reviews!

There are still a few days left in May, but for all intense and purposes (and intense purposes) we are in June and into the reviews and tests. IN ORDER TO TAKE A TEST, YOU MUST PASS A REVIEW. It's going to be all preparation all the time for the next almost-three weeks, and if you are looking to test it's time to buckle down and get serious. See you on the mats! 


Saturday June 2

10:30 am - Level 3 Review

1:30 pm - Level 4 Review

Saturday June 9

11:30 am - Level 2 Review

1:30 pm - Level 1 Review

Saturday June 16

9:00 am - Level 1 Test

10:00 am - Level 2 Test

11:30 am - Level 3 Test

1:00 pm - Level 4 Test

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