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  • Empanadas This Thursday!

    Good afternoon everyone! There is quite a bit happening in the next month, so read on: We've got Third Thursday coming up with week and that means it's time for Thursdate
    ! Join us at 7:30 at Calavera's around the corner for great empanadas and tequila to celebrate a great day/week/month of training! We also have the final Advanced Sparring class this week, to conclude a terrific 6-weeks of hard work and great improvements. In other news, our Seniors
    program is off and running, and we would love your help spreading the word! Age is just a number
    , health, safety, and autonomy are forever. If you or someone you know is a good fit for this program, and wants to learn great self-defense ....

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  • So Much In September!

    Good morning everyone! I hope you're enjoying a nice long weekend, and the start of September. There are quite a few announcements to get our, so here we go! Seniors Program Starts Tomorrow!
    We're very excited to start our classes for Bad-Ass Seniors! This class will teach Krav Maga self-defense at an appropriate pace and intensity for older students. Classes are Tuesday and Friday at 10:30am.
    Stretch and Strengthen Class
    : Thursday September 5 - 7:30pm. This is a free class that does just what it says in the title! We have not had a stretching class in a long time, and are very excited to have one come to the studio again. Get loosened up and start kicking to the head! Pilates
    : ....

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  • New Program for Seniors! Advanced Sparring! And More!

    Good morning everyone! We have some exciting new programs starting soon, so let's not waste time: Bad-Ass Seniors!

    Krav Maga Raleigh is delighted to announce that we are starting a brand new program for Bad-Ass Seniors! The Bad-Ass Seniors program starts in September and is designed for people 55 year old and up, and will teach self-defense skills along with exercises to build strength, maintain balance, and improve general quality of life. Getting older does not mean you can't learn how to defend yourself ! It also brings new concerns like how to stay mobile, how to stay independent, and how to preserve your lifestyle. It is never too late to start ....

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  • Free Pilates Class on Saturday!

    Welcome to the last few days of July! This weekend is the first weekend in August, so we have our monthly free Pilates class at 1:00 on Saturday. This class is free, please please register to let us know you are coming. Krav Maga in Wake Forest NOW!
    By now I hope you've seen that our instructor Quintin Byrd is teaching classes in Wake Forest. Classes are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings. He will continue teaching at KMR, but this new program will not be related to ours. If you have any other questions, please email him at Pilates Class August 3rd​
    Once again, our next free Pilates class is August 3rd at 1:00pm! This monthly ....

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  • Women's Self-Defense, plus Knife Excitement!

    Good morning everyone! We pushed through a scorching hot weekend into a scorching hot week, but the training continues. Great job to everyone at the knife workshop this Saturday, we had tons of fun, and everyone did a great job smearing lipstick all over each other (It's a legitimate training exercise). As always we have a full slate of upcoming workshops and events, so here's the schedule! Women's Self-Defense Workshop Saturday
    Our next women's self-defense workshop is this week! Learn fundamental self-defense skills to protect yourself and your family. This workshop is from 1:30 - 3:30 on Saturday, July 27, register now ! - July 27 at 1:30pm Krav Maga in Wake ....

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  • Knife Workshop This Saturday!

    Happy Monday everyone! As usual we have plenty of workshops and announcements, so read on! Knife Defense Workshop
    Our semi-annual Knife Defense Workshop is coming soon! This workshop will teach fundamental life-saving knife skills that are battle-tested and street-approved. The workshop is this Saturday, July 20th from 1:30-4:00pm
    , and is open to members and non-members alike. This workshop is always popular and fills up fast, so register now ! ​ Krav Maga in Wake Forest NOW!
    If you've taken more than two classes at Krav Maga Raleigh, you probably know our hard-working and ubiquitous instructor Quintin Byrd. In addition to all the teaching he does at KMR, he is starting ....

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  • Free Pilates And More This Saturday!

    Good morning everyone! We have one more full week of June, and a very busy weekend ahead of us. First off, this Saturday we have a FREE PILATES CLASS
    , at 1:00pm. This class is free for all members, please register here
    to sign up! We also have our monthly women's self-defense workshop
    as well on Saturday, at 1:30 pm. This incredible two-hour Introduction will give you the beginnings to fundamental verbal and physical self-defense skills, prepare you for learning basic attacks like chokes and grabs, and build the confidence to take control of your life! Register here! The June Membership Drive is still in full effect! We have oodles of great rewards for new members, and for ....

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  • Air Circulation Is Coming!

    Good morning everyone! Lots of exciting news today so let's get right to it! New Level 4 Students!
    Congratulations to Caroline, Le, Marena, Rui, Saif, and Walt on passing their level 3 test on Saturday! The level 3 test is a beast, and all of these KMR members totally rocked it. Passing that test requires a lot more than just performing well for a few hours on particular day; it means months of extra training, workshops, reviews, coming in on Friday evenings, and more. Great job everyone, we can't wait to see you in level 4! Ceiling Fans Are On The Way!
    We're on track to hit our first goal for the membership drive, and that means we get proper fans in the back! Everyone knows how ....

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  • Your June Membership Drive Rewards!

    The June Membership Drive Is On! I hope everyone already knows about our June Membership Drive. The goal of this membership drive is to leap forward and accomplish a year - or years - worth of growth and improvements in one fell swoop! The more new members we bring in, the more awesome improvements we can make to the studio, and to your experience being here: Ceiling Fans - Everyone knows how hot it is in the back room. We run the AC constantly but it can only do so much. An array of ceiling fans will help massively with circulating the air, and have a nice aesthetic as well. We are also working on improving the insulation and dehumidification in that room. You'll ....

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