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  • Street Clothes Today, Pilates This Weekend!

    Good morning everyone! Two quick announcements/reminders about classes and workshops:
    Level 2 and 3 Street Clothes Today!
    Today the level 2 and level 3 classes in the evening will be done in street clothes. Please dress in something "realistic," but also safe. The clothes will get roughed up a bit, so this class is not a good time to wear your Sunday best. Think about what you wear most of the time, or in situations where you're most likely to need to defend yourself, and work with that. For shoes, nothing that would damage your ankles or the mats please, such as high heels or soccer cleats. Pilates!

    Our free pilates class this month is Saturday at 12:30pm. This ....

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  • Snow, Street Clothes, and Sparring!

    Good afternoon everyone! We're coming to you with a mid-week update because there might be snow tomorrow. This winter has been pretty anemic so far, but the forecast seems confident, so we'll be prepared. With any potential snow days, we generally try to stay open for at least a class or two, allowing the chance to train for anyone who can make it. The forecast currently says that we won't get snow until the afternoon at the earliest, likely the evening, so stay tuned for updates. Level 2 and 3 Street Clothes Training Feb 24
    On Monday Feb 24, the level 2 and level 3 classes will be done in street clothes. Please dress in something "realistic," but also safe. The clothes will get ....

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  • Congratulations to the Kraventine's Winners!

    Good morning everyone! First and foremost, congratulations to our Kraventine’s Grand Prize winners, Irene and Sean Krohn! They took 27 classes between February 1 and February 13th, more than two a day. And in a very close second we have Amy and Jeff McCoy, who were right on their heels with 25 classes! Both of these Krav couples took Kraventine’s to the next level, and we all enjoyed getting wrapped up in the drama of this friendly competition. Besides them, we had plenty of other training couples taking lots of classes together, so thank you to everyone who joined in on the spirit of Kraventine’s and made the first part of February so exciting. There are plenty of ....

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  • Kraventines, Street Clothes, and Workshops

    Good morning everyone! It is February, which means it's Kraventines
    ! If you haven't been here for Kraventines before, it's a competition that runs from Feb 1 to Feb 13, where you and a beloved Krav Spouse come to the studio and take class together. By Feb 13th, whichever Krav Couple has taken the most classes together will win a great gift certificate to Second Empire, one of the nicest restaurants in Raleigh! And we have great prizes like wine and chocolate for second and third place as well, so plenty of prizes to go around! We will keep track of your attendance with stickers and cards, double checked by logins. Your Krav Spouse does not have to be your actual spouse. Many of ....

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  • February Workshops

    Happy Monday everyone! We'll make it quick today. We're almost done with January, so let's take a look at the upcoming workshops in February: Feb 8 Level 3 Workshop 11:30am Feb 15 Level 1 Workshop 11:30am Feb 22 Level 2 Workshop 11:30am Feb 29 Pilates 12:30pm That will do it! It has been a great month so far at the studio, with the mats packed full of people training hard, so keep it up and we'll see you in class! ....

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  • Normal Schedule Today

    Good morning everyone, and happy Martin Luther King Day. I hope you have a day off from work today, but we are sticking with our normal schedule at Krav Maga Raleigh. Remember this weekend we have our first free pilates class of the year at 12:30pm, and a women's self-defense workshop at 1:30pm. See you at the studio! ....

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  • Workshops, Pilates, Dog Adoption!

    Good morning everyone! We have some workshops coming up soon, including the return of pilates! Saturday January 18: Level 1 Workshop - 11:30am Saturday January 25: Pilates - 12:30pm Saturday January 25: Women's Self-Defense Workshop - 1:30pm You can register for all of the se workshops online! We are still trying to find a home for a very sweet foster dog, so please check out this album on Facebook and spread the word to everyone you know. That will do it for today, the year is off to a great start, everyone is training hard and keeping it busy at the studio we will see you on the mats! ....

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  • Let's Get This Year Started!

    Good morning everyone, and happy new year! It already feels like we are two months into the year, but it's been less than a week. We are already in full swing at Krav Maga Raleigh, and the full mats so far show that everyone is ready to start the year strong. The upcoming workshops are on the website , and among them we're happy to have our monthly Pilates workshop return. That workshop will be on the last Saturday of every month at 12:30pm. January is a lighter month for workshops: Level 1 Workshop
    - January 18th at 11:30am Pilates
    - January 25th at 12:30pm. That's all for now. Remember to set small, achievable goals for the new year, and we'll see you on the mats! ....

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  • Saturday Huge Test Day - No Classes!

    Good morning everyone! We made it through the reviews, and the only thing left is the big test day on December 14th! We have tests at every level from 1-5, and it's going to be an exciting, action-packed day. We do not have any regular classes on Saturday, but all members are encouraged to show up and watch the tests, cheer for your classmates, and see what this training looks like at every level. And if you're tracking your Kravmas card, you'll get credit for showing up too! The December Test Day is our big end-of-year celebration:We'll have food, drinks, tons of spectators, and a great community. Whether you're in the tests or watching them, I can't wait to see you there on Saturday! ....

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  • Oh My Gosh It's December

    Happy December everybody! As always by this time of year, I can't believe it's already the last month. December is when the year winds down, but it's also very busy at Krav Maga Raleigh. First up: Kravmas!
    If this is your first December at Krav Maga Raleigh, we have a special challenge called the 12 Days of Kravmas
    . If you come in to KMR 12 times before Christmas - that's 12 different days - you'll win a special t-shirt that can ONLY be obtained through this challenge. Pick up your Kravmas cards at the studio after Thanksgiving! And we're days away from our December Reviews and Workshops!
    The big test day is almost here! Keep training hard and we will see you on the mats! December 7 ....

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