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Good morning everyone! It's the end of quite a dramatic week, and we are forging ahead at KMR. Big changes are coming our schedule starting tomorrow, so please read carefully. The outline of this email is first, then details on each section.

  1. Reserved Class Schedule 
  2. Loaning Equipment (and Jigsaw puzzles!) 
  3. Online Class Beta Test Today
  4. Videos!

Reserved Classes

Starting on Monday, we will completely get rid of the normal schedule, and ONLY have reserved classes according to the schedule below. I am 100% open to modifying this schedule based on popularity, convenience, etc, so please give feedback. If these classes mostly fill up, I will add others, so even if what you see isn't perfect for you, sign up for what's there and that will show the need to add more. 

All of these classes will be non-contact, because as much as we want to stay the course and keep training, the need to be careful increases everyday, and it's time for us to take steps as well. There is a limit of six people in each class, which will allow us to carefully control where everyone goes, how close they come, and how clean everything is. 

Sign up for pilates here

Sign up for fitness classes here

Sign up for kids classes here

Sign up for Krav skills classes here (all levels)

Sign up for Krav skills level 3+ classes here

Sign up for Krav skills level 5+ here

11:00am - Fitness
12:15pm - Krav Skills
5:30pm - Fitness
6:30pm - Krav Skills
6:45am - Fitness
11:00am - Krav Skills
12:15pm - Fitness
4:30pm - Kids 
5:30pm - Krav Skills Level 3+
6:30pm - Fitness
7:30pm - Krav Skills
11:00am - Fitness
12:15pm - Krav Skills
5:30pm - Krav Skills 
6:30pm - Pilates
6:45am - Fitness
11:00am - Krav Skills
12:15pm - Fitness
5:30pm - Krav Skills 
6:30pm - Fitness
7:30pm - Krav Skills Level 3+
10:30am Fitness
12:15pm Krav Skills  
10:00am Fitness
10:30am Krav Skills 
11:30am Krav Skills Level 3+
12:30am Krav Skills Level 5+ 
12:30am Pilates 
11:00am Fitness
3:00 Kids

4:00 Krav Skills 

Loaning Equipment

If you would like to take a piece of equipment home with you (punch pad, kick shield, kettlebell), we don't need much of it at the studio right now, and we can loan it to you so you can workout at home, or with a partner if you have someone to do Krav with. Email ken@kravmagaraleigh.com if you would like to borrow something. The amount of equipment and length of time will depend on demand.

Online Class Beta Test Today - Volunteers Wanted!

In preparation for offering online classes, we need to test out Zoom (really testing out my ability to use Zoom), so at 1:00pm today I have having a 30 minute beta test, and would like a few volunteers to join a Zoom meeting with me so we can check the video and audio quality, experiment with some teaching, and get feedback both directions on what works and what doesn't. If you are interested in being part of this test please email ken@kravmagaraleigh.com and I will send you the meeting invite. 


Cassie shows you a bridging exercise

And a trick for keeping your elbow in on punches

Hook punches with Quintin

Super Advanced Head Movement

Live video from the Saturday morning workout This workout was mainly lunges with dumbbells, so if you have some weights at home you can do this workout yourself! 

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