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Monday Plan, and Further Options

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Good morning everyone! For the gym business, today is a very new day as we experiment with online classes and other options: 

  1. Online Classes
  2. Outside Classes
  3. Borrowing Equipment

We will conduct online classes via the software Zoom. I as starting simple with one Krav and one fitness classes that are appropriate for anybody, with no equipment needed. The links to the Monday classes are at the bottom of the email, just click on those links - after downloading Zoom - and join us for class! I will send the Tuesday links this evening, after these classes have finished. The fitness class will be a simple, no equipment, minimal space required workout. The Krav Maga class will be for all levels and focus on striking skills. If this format works for us, I will add more specific classes such as higher level Krav Maga classes, fitness classes using certain pieces of equipment, and classes for those that have partners at home to work out with.  I hope you join us and have fun!

Outside Classes - It is not clear to me if all outside assembly is shut down as well. I think I see that playgrounds are closed, but possibly parks are open? If anyone knows the correct answer please let me know. Getting a small group class together outside would be a great option right now. I think at the least we will plan some outdoor running meetups, because that requires no equipment, allows for plenty of space, and I know everyone is missing their hill sprints! If you have more information about parks please share, and look for times to meet to run or workout outdoors by the end of the day.

For equipment borrowing: I will be at the studio at 4:00pm tomorrow, and if you want to borrow weights, a pad, mitts, or anything else, come by then. Like all the food service businesses right now, tell me what you want and I'll bring it to the curb! Plus we'll actually get to interact, and you might cross paths with your fellow students, so we can keep the community engaged. I hope we see you in class tomorrow!

Monday 5:30pm Fitness - https://us04web.zoom.us/j/874775640


Monday 6:30pm Krav Maga -  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/112017674?pwd=YXZkTHhWQm5kb1JJY3BkSW1yVDVYUT09

Tuesday 5:30pm Krav Maga - coming tomorrow!

Tuesday 6:30om Fitnesss - coming tomorrow!

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