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Good afternoon everyone! More classes and announcements, including some requests for community help, and some totally safe social activity!

First things first: I expect a stay-at-home order to come any day now. We will do what we can in the meantime, but I am not trying to plan things more than a couple days out because of that expectation. Fortunately the online classes worked well, so look for those to expand more and more. Ok, onto the list!

  1. Online Classes tonight
  2. Online classes for people with partners
  3. Fitness with equipment
  4. Next Outdoor Classes
  5. Outdoor Movie Night! 

Online Classes Tonight

Krav Maga at 5:30pm. This class will be for solo Krav Maga practice at home, focusing on striking skills while changing directions.

Fitness at 6:30pm. Primarily a bodyweight workout, but we will also use two cans of food for light resistance. If you don't have them, you can still do the workout.

Online Classes for People with Partners

Starting tomorrow, some of the online classes will be for people who have a training partner they can safely work with. Someone in your family or your social cohort. The first of these classes will be Wednesday at 5:30pm. ALL students are welcome to join the class, even if you don't have a partner, you can still follow along and do many of the exercises. Class Wednesday at 5:30pm will be Partner Krav Maga, No Equipment. The link once again is right here. I will also add classes for those of you that have punch or kick shields at home, and other types of equipment. Stay tuned, and please let me know what will help you!

Krav Maga tonight at 6:30pm will once again be for solo practice at home, focusing on striking and changing directions. Please join us!

Online Fitness with Equipment

We will also include some online classes that use equipment. I will try to make it as accessible as possible. Today we will use two cans for the workout, I'm sure everyone has some beans or something around. Even if you don't have that, anything you can hold in your hands that is light will be fine. Water bottles, remote controls, etc. You'll be able to do the entire workout without the cans, so join us no matter what? Upcoming workouts will use weights of different sizes, and other easy-to-procure equipment. 

Next Outdoor Classes

We had two excellent outdoor classes today, and we'll take tomorrow off before putting two more on Thursday. The rest of the day today, and tomorrow morning it looks pretty wet, so we'll let that dry before getting back out there Thursday. Look for signup links to those classes tomorrow.

Movie Night!

If we don't have a stay-at-home order by Saturday, I would like to host an outdoor movie night at Krav Maga Raleigh. There is plenty of space behind the studio to put up a screen and have people spread out to safe distances, and I did check with law enforcement that it would not be in violation of any current rules. If we are able to do this, some help with the video equipment would be great. We will need either a huge TV, or a projector with a screen. I don't mind scouring Craigslist for those, but if someone in the community can contribute, that would be better. 

Let me emphasize that planning a social event does not mean I don't take the Coronavirus seriously. I think it's a huge concern and we all should be very careful. I feel comfortable trying to have this movie night because we have a lot of space outdoors and I know it will be a limited number of people attending. If it works out, I will absolutely require the proper social distancing (outside of families, roommates, etc) and proper respect for the dangers represented by the Coronavirus. I also understand that people are already going stir-crazy from isolation, and if we can have a safe event where we can be at least around each other at a reasonable distance, it will be a wonderful help to everyone's mental health. 

If you can help with the video set up, please email ken@kravmagaraleigh.com In the hopes that we can have this event, please sign up here!

And that does it for another big writeup! A shorter email about the class schedule for Wednesday and Thursday will come this evening, see everyone later! 

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