Due to the resurgence of Covid, and for the safety of our community, at this time we can only enroll new members who are fully vaccinated.

All The Live Workouts And Classes So Far

Hey everyone, this post will (hopefully) embed all the live workouts from Facebook Live, so that those of you that don't use FB can still do the workouts. For these classes, I was facing my computer to use Zoom for the actual class, so I know that the camera angles here are not the best, but it is the easiest way to record and save the videos. I'll get better at it quickly! 

Pushup Focused Fitness Class


Hooks and Head Movement Focused Krav Class



Inside Defense Krav Maga Class



Fitness Class With a Heavy Weight



Fitness Class Using Two Very Light Weights



Krav Maga Class Focusing on Side Kicks and Changing Direction

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