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Friday Updates

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Good morning everyone, and happy Good Friday and Easter Weekend. Some reminders of what we have, plus something new as always: 

  • Enso Movement
  • John Wick 3 Viewing Party
  • Video Feedback
  • Classes Saturday


We have partnered up with Enso Movement to share classes. That means KMR and Coalition members can take their classes, and vice-versa.

Enso Movement is a parkour and related-movement organization helping athletes find a sense of self-challenge and build healthy relationships with fitness. Under the current climate, we're offering regular online movement classes to explore new skills, get you fit, and to maintain a sense of well-being. You can find their classes at this link: https://zoom.us/j/2051026324
  • Movement-based classes daily Monday through Thursday at 5:15PM 
  • Calisthenic classes daily Monday through Thursday at 6:30PM
  • Handbalancing classes every Thursday at 4:00PM


One of my friends in Los Angeles is a stuntman who worked extensively on John Wick 3, and on Saturday he will join us on Slack for a live commentary and Q&A session. If you want to join this viewing party you'll just need a way to watch the movie - it's available on many different services - and you'll need to join us in Slack. The movie starts at 7:00pm, so I'd suggest getting into Slack around 6:55 so we can coordinate pressing, "play." You can see some of his work below. 



Any KMR or Coalition member is welcome to send a short video technique video to ken@kravmagaraleigh.com for feedback. Punches, kicks, self-defense, anything you'd like, just put it on video and I'll give you some corrections and suggestions for how to improve it. 


Saturday we have 10:30am Fitness (bodyweight), 11:30am Krav Maga, and 12:30pm Pilates!

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Due to the resurgence of Covid, and for the safety of our community, at this time we can only enroll new members who are fully vaccinated.