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All New Details For This Week!

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Good morning everyone! First, I want to thank the many people who filled out our survey. We got tons of responses, and the feedback was very helpful. A big request was for more detail in the schedule: Who is teaching, and what is being taught in each class during the week. You can see that detail added into the the schedule at the bottom of this email. Note two things: The fitness class Tuesday evening is a striking workout. If you have a punching bag or a pad (or a partner) you can us that in the class. If you do not have that equipment don't worry! You can still get a great workout shadowboxing. Second: The Wednesday 6:30pm Krav Maga class will be a sparring class. What's that you say? How can we practice sparring over the internet? Well I'll admit it's different, but in Krav Maga we never say, "It Can't Be Done." 

Some respondents also said it was difficult to train because they couldn't jump around and do burpees in their apartment and disturb the neighbors below them. This workout will avoid most of that. There are some jumping jacks, but those can be omitted. Also if you didn't see from last week, we changed the set for classes, and it's a lot more interesting to watch!


We have 45 other classes archived online for Krav Maga Raleigh members. Email ken@kravmagaraleigh.com for the link to that playlist. That will do it for now! This is the last week of April, the end of our first online-only month, and it has been a very interesting challenge. Thank you to all of the members for sticking with us through these changes. The detailed schedule for classes this week is below, we will see you in class!


12:15 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Bearhug from the front
5:30 Fitness (Ken) - Bodyweight
6:30 Krav Maga (Ken)  - Bearhug from the front


12:15 Fitness (Ken) - Heavy Weight
5:30 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Bearhug from behind
6:30 Fitness (Jaimie) - Striking Workout (If you have a punching bag or pad, you can use it for this class, but it's not essential)


12:15 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Bearhug from behind
5:30 Fitness (Ken) - Heavy Weight
6:30 Krav Maga (Ken) - Sparring


12:15 Fitness (Ken) - Bodyweight
5:30 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Headlocks 
6:30 Fitness (Jaimie) - Intro to Fitness


10:30am Fitness (Jaimie) - Light weights (small dumbbells, cans of soup, bottles of water, etc) 
11:30am Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Kicks
12:30pm Pilates (Lauren) 

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