Due to the resurgence of Covid, and for the safety of our community, at this time we can only enroll new members who are fully vaccinated.

Maybe We'll Open Soon?

Good morning everyone! We have the standard schedule this week again, and no outdoor classes because it it just too hot now to work out in the sun. There is some legal pressure for gyms to open in NC, and whether or not that's a good idea (remember we're still living through a pandemic) the momentum seems to be heading towards reopening, so it's possible we could have in person classes within a week or two. Stay tuned for updates as always! In the meantime we have our usual slate of excellent online classes. The gym might be closed but the beaches are open, so keep working out to get those abs and glutes showcase-ready! 

Email ken@kravmagaraleigh if you need the links to class, or our YouTube playlists of the archived classes, and we'll see you in class!


12:15 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Level 2 
5:30 Fitness (Ken) - Bodyweight
6:30 Krav Maga (Ken)  Level 2


12:15 Fitness (Ken) - Heavy Weight
5:30 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Level 1
6:30 Fitness (Jaimie) - Bodyweight


12:15 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Level 3 
5:30 Fitness (Ken) - Heavy Weight
6:30 Krav Maga (Ken) - Level 4


12:15 Fitness (Ken) - Bodyweight
5:30 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Level 3 
6:30 Fitness (Jaimie) - Bodyweight


10:30am Fitness (Ken) - Bodyweight
11:30am Krav Maga (Ken) - Level 1  
12:30pm Pilates (Lauren) 

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