Outdoor Update, July 4th, and Quintin Returns!

Good morning everyone! We will be able to have semi-permanent outdoor classes at Krav Maga Raleigh starting Wednesday. I say, "semi-permanent," because rain could get in the way, but weather permitting we will have Wednesday 5:30pm fitness and 6:30pm Mixed Level Krav Maga outdoors at the studio and online. If you come in person, you won't be on camera, don't worry! I will send more information on the schedule and guidelines for outdoor classes on Tuesday; this email is long enough already. There is no change to the online class schedule.

July 4th is this Saturday, so we will have just one class, fitness at 10:30am. This fitness class will have a heavy striking component, so students looking for their Krav fix can get that too. This class will be outside at Krav Maga Raleigh and online.

If you take Krav Maga classes Monday and Wednesday evening, you will see the long-awaited return of Quintin Byrd! We have missed him quite a bit these last few months and it's great to have him back teaching. 

Reminders and Schedule:

Remember that we are adding variety to the fitness classes by introducing light weights and medium weights. Light weights are 1-3 pounds, so you can use cans of soup, water bottles, or light dumbbells. These are weights you would use for high-rep shoulder exercises, or to add resistance to core work. Medium weights would be 10-20 lbs, so a jug of water, backpack with some stuff in it, and naturally actual dumbbells would be fine as well. Think weights you would use for curls and shoulder presses. For both light weights and medium weights, you will want a pair.

You can put this stuff together easily at home, and of course you can borrow equipment from the studio! Check the schedule below to see which classes use which equipment. For this week especially don't stress if you don't have the right equipment, or aren't sure the best thing to use. Take the classes that fit your schedule the best, and if you don't have two jugs of water we'll make the class work for you anyway!

There is also one change to the Krav Maga schedule: Because we have had some brand new people joining us lately, Tuesday 5:30pm Krav Maga is now Krav Maga Fundamentals. This class will assume no prior knowledge at all of Krav Maga, and will be an excellent 

The status of reopening is still unclear. I believe there is a bill on the governor's desk calling to reopen gyms, waiting for him to make a decision. Cases are still increasing at an accelerating rate in North Carolina, so there's no guarantee he will sign it. I am hopeful he does, for better or worse, because I do miss having people in the studio. Outdoor classes are still a good option, but the weather has to cooperate. For this week we will stay the course, throw some new weights into our workouts, and keep training and moving forwards no matter what! The schedule is below, please check it carefully for the small updates, and we will see you in class!


12:15 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Level 2 
5:30 Fitness (Ken) - Heavy Weight
6:30 Krav Maga (Ken)  Level 2


12:15 Fitness (Ken) - Bodyweight
5:30 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Krav Maga Fundamentals
6:30 Fitness (Jaimie) - Bodyweight


12:15 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Level 3 
5:30 Fitness (Ken) - Medium Weights
6:30 Krav Maga (Ken) - Mixed Level


12:15 Fitness (Ken) - Heavy Weight
5:30 Krav Maga (Jaimie) - Level 3 
6:30 Fitness (Jaimie) - Light Weight


10:30am Fitness (Ken) - Bodyweight

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