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Outdoor Fitness and Krav Wednesday!

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It's finally time! We had to go through a few different possibilities, but we are ready to hold outdoor fitness AND Krav Maga classes at Krav Maga Raleigh! You can see Mason above showing off our training platforms. We have a lot more we want to do with the space, but we have enough now to get started. Weather permitting, we will have fitness at 5:30pm tomorrow and mixed level Krav Maga at 6:30pm. Please assume the class is happening unless you get a different announcement. For fitness class tomorrow we are using two medium weights, 8-10lbs. If you have those please bring them, if not we have equipment at the studio. All classes will still be available online at the usual Zoom link.

We will expand the schedule each week as we continue to improve the space - we need our shade canopies to arrive before we can have noon classes, for example - and fill up the classes. The goal is to have a full schedule five days a week, so we need you to be in class!

Please come dressed for class if you can, but it will be fine to go into the studio to change, use the bathroom, get water, etc, as long as it's not everyone at the same time.

Obviously safety is paramount. We are going to start with fairly strict safety protocols, and we can adjust as needed. For fitness, there is enough space for everyone to spread out, so I think we will be fine there. For Krav Maga classes, controlling interaction between people is obviously the big concern. We will use a dedicated partner system, which means everyone will pick one other person to train with, and for now, that is the only person you will partner with. Ideally this is someone in your household. Many of you train with members of your family, so that works easily. If you have a family member or roommate that is not currently a member, but is game for holding a pad (and learning how to hit it), they may attend class with you as your partner. 

If you do not have a household member you can train with, then you'll match up with someone else at the studio and you two can partner together. I understand you might not be able to sort that out before coming to class, so show up no matter what! I'm sure it will be an ongoing process to figure out the best way to train, so the most important thing is your participation and flexibility. 

Regardless of which class you take, you will need to bring a mask or other face covering. I recommend a neck gaiter like Mason has in the picture. They are fairly comfortable, won't bother your ears fly off your face or, and you can wet them to help keep your temperature down. Plus they look pretty cool.  You won't have to wear the mask for the whole hour of class: Just bring it up when we're drilling or training, and you can bring it down during any breaks, instructions, or really any time you won't be breathing hard. 

Ok, I hope that is enough information to let you know what is happening, and to get you into class tomorrow! I am so, so grateful to all the members who have stuck with us since the pandemic started, and I sincerely hope these classes can give you the experience and the training you want from Krav Maga Raleigh. If you have any additional questions please let us know, and we will see you on the mats!


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