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Good morning everyone! First things first, I’m going to make a long overdue recommendation, and suggest a mask style that has really made a difference for me. We’ll be training in masks for a while yet, and getting something comfortable really helps. 


I will include the Amazon link, that may or may not work depending on if I get the formatting correct. Basically it’s a mask like in the picture, that has an adjustable band around the back of the head, a strong wire for the nose, and a pocket for you chin. It’s amazing to me how much of a difference it makes. It doesn’t come off when I train or talk, and I can ever wear it in grappling and BJJ and it stays on most of the time. It’s also very comfortable, and doesn’t pull on the ears, which always gave me a headache. When you want to breath you can just pull it down and let it hang around your neck. I know it sound’t like I’ve become a salesperson all of a sudden, but as I acknowledge that we’ll be wearing masks for a while longer, I really want to recommend them as a big quality of life improvement. 


Alright, the sales pitch is over! We’ve added a few workshops to the schedule, including a long-requested weapons workshop. This workshop will cover the Krav Maga approach to dealing with a couple of basic weapons attacks from guns, sticks, and knives. That workshop is up on the website and you can register at kravmagaraleigh.com/event. These workshops always fill up fast so register now! 

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