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What do I need to start Krav Maga training?

Just the willingness to show up! You don’t need to have any experience or special gear. We train in gym clothes and everyone is on a first name basis.

I’ve never done Krav Maga, or anything like it. Can I still train?

Of course! Krav Maga is for everyone, all you have to do is show up and try your best. And there really isn’t anything else like it anyway.

Are there men and women in the same class?

Yes, all of our regular classes are co-ed. People partner up during class and generally match up with someone of similar size. We have women's only workshops and courses for those interested.

I’ve heard Krav Maga is pretty intense. I’m not in good shape, is that a problem?

Not at all. Most people who train Krav Maga are using it as a fun, exciting way to get fit or stay in shape.

But I haven’t worked out since high school. My friend’s brother took a Krav Maga class and threw up.

Your friend’s brother should not have gone to McDonald’s on the way to his Krav Maga class.

Still, maybe I should get in shape first and then...

Stop that nonsense! Krav Maga is the BEST way to get in shape, so don’t waste your time with something else.

Are there belts in Krav Maga?

There is a level system, which is like belts, but we don't wear belts, and also we refer to students as “level 1” students, or “level 3” students, instead of a “white belt” etc.

How do I progress?

Level 1 takes about four to six months of regular training, meaning two to three times a week in class. Once you're ready you can test into level 2. The process is the same for each level, but the time required to advance is greater. Level 2 takes 8-10 months, level 3 takes about a year, etc.

Is there parking?

Yes. There is a parking deck behind the studio, as well as street parking. The parking deck behind the studio is free after seven in the evenings, street parking is free after five.

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