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Doing It Right

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One of the most common questions I hear at Krav Maga Raleigh is, "Am I doing this right?" And while I appreciate everyone's desire to perform their techniques correctly, fixating on doing them "right" is the surest way to frustrate yourself and stall your progress I'm going to paraphrase Carl Sagan and asset that we NEVER do our techniques right, we just do them a little less wrong every time. That may sound like a pessimistic criticism of technique, but it's a very liberating way of approaching your training.

The "right technique" is like the Platonic ideal of a circle: It doesn't even exist in nature, but we can still try to approach it. I have been throwing round kicks for twenty years, and if I were fixated on "doing them right", I probably would have quit training altogether by now out of frustration that after two decades of training I still don't have it. Instead I can focus on making them better than last time, and instead of being frustrated by not achieving an impossible ideal, I can be happy that they're better than they used to be.
So instead of trying to do the technique right, just try to do it better. "Better" is much more satisfying than "right," and has the added benefit of actually being possible!

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