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Not The Fun Kind of Violence

Last night's UFC was not the most exciting card we've ever seen, but it may have been the most horrific. Two fights were stopped due to eye damage, and the sight of blood literally coming out of Alan Belcher's eye is not one I will soon forget. A fighter in the undercard had his thumb dislocated, and Jon Jones managed, during his one-sided destruction of Chael Sonnen, to twist his big toe around like the head of an inquisitive Corgi. All in all it was a lot of damage for relatively unexciting fights. Usually after a UFC event I'm excited to train, to hit pads and move around, but last night's event made me think that maybe it's not too late to get into art school. We did preface the fights by watching HellPhone, a terrible movie made right here in Madison, NC. Although I can't say too many good things about the movie, watching it before the UFC ensured that Jon Jones toe was not the most horrific thing I saw that night:

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