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You Spin Me Right Round

BELFORT-KO1 If you watched the UFC fights this Saturday you were probably largely bored and disappointed until the fantastic conclusion of the last fight, when Vitor Belfort knocked out Luke Rockhold with a spinning heel kick. The spinning heel kick actually does show up in Krav Maga, in the level 4 curriculum. In Krav we prefer to keep our moves simple and straightforward, but that's like saying basketball players prefer to dunk the ball: that may be a high percentage move for them, but it's not always the right move at the right time. One of the difficulties in landing a spinning heel kick is that, even if you are fast, it's a lengthy technique compared to a straight punch. All you have to do to avoid it is move back a little bit, but if you watch Belfort's feet, you can see that he actually advances significantly, a foot or more, over the development of the kick. Rockhold may have been a bit slow to react, but he does start moving back; unfortunately for him Belfort catches up. Great execution by Belfort, and all of us who enjoy throwing spinning heel kicks are grateful for the way he just validated them.

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