Due to the resurgence of Covid, and for the safety of our community, at this time we can only enroll new members who are fully vaccinated.


images We hit a big milestone at Krav Maga Raleigh this week when we reached 200 active members. Now, 200 is not any more especially significant than any other number. 187 members was neat, 209 will be great as well, but those nice round numbers do make nice milestones. It's also my birthday on Sunday. I'll be 29, and for a while I was unexcited about the birthday since 29 is not a nice round number, nor is it a significant life milestone. However I've realized that 29 is an excellent number. First off, it's a prime, which automatically makes it cooler than most numbers. It is the number of days in February during a leap year. That's pretty much it actually, but still, that's pretty good. Anyway, to celebrate all these awesome things happening, we'll be going to Frankie's Fun Park Sunday evening, and you are all welcome to come hang out and play Mini-Golf and drive go-carts around. We'll be there at around seven, and I hope you all can make it, students and staff alike. Friends, family, and even children are welcome as well. See you there!

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