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"Won't Your Hand Explode?"

This question comes up a lot when we're doing gun defense, since it always involves holding the barrel of the gun. As you can see, this man's hand did not explode or catch on fire. I have copied the text describing the video below: ----- In Krav Maga the defense against a gun being held closely in front on you is to grab hold of the gun and push it to the side while moving in the opposite direction. One aspect of this defense is that the grip on the gun keeps the slide from moving if the gun is fired. This mean that one shot can be fired, but then the gun will jam and be unable to be fired again. This video shows a gun being held as it would during the defense and being fired. As you will see, the slide does not retract and the case does not eject preventing further shots from being fired. When doing this defense with a semi-automatic pistol the hand is not damaged. The gun does not get hot or pinch you. Disclaimer: This was done carefully in a controlled environment, try at your own risk. Do NOT point the gun at anyone while it is loaded. Doing this defense with a revolver will burn your hand.

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