The KravCast! #48 May 5, 2014

about_foodbabe Welcome back to the KravCast! We are rapidly closing in on our 50 episode special, but first I want to apologize if you missed the KravCast last week. We recorded it, but I forgot to load it into the RSS feeder until Friday, so you may not have seen it. But KravCast #47 is out there now, and it's on the blog as well, so make sure to catch it if you haven't yet. Anyway, this week has tons of stuff. We talk about the ongoing knife series, the weekend's level 1 test, and a great story about a woman surviving a hitman. We introduce a new conditioning class, have Scotty deal with some listener questions, send a Groin-A-Gram to the Food Babe, and discuss a slew of upcoming events. As always, be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or your podcasting app of choice, and please share us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and all the other social media services that make our world go round.

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