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The End of The Knife Series

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  photo 1 The last class of the knife series was last night, and although I'd love to talk about how hard everyone worked, how much they learned, and how much fun the five weeks were, all of that was pretty much blown out of the water by the cupcakes that Dennie brought in.   [caption id="attachment_1939" align="alignnone" width="300"]These knives actually could kill you - with diabetes These knives actually could kill you - with diabetes[/caption]   It was a seriously impressive display of craftsmanship, accompanied by some text that used every stab pun in existence. Thank you to everyone who attended the course, you did a terrific job handling the advanced material, and thank you to Dennie for all the work making those cupcakes, even though - to be honest - they are probably worse for your health than an actual knife.

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