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I Sense A Vicious Cycle Developing

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kettlebells We had two great fitness classes yesterday at Krav Maga Raleigh, and I actually participated in both of them, a decision I greatly regret this morning. At 12:15 we did the new conditioning class, which focused on balance and shoulder mobility in addition to the general conditioning that comes with all fitness class. Then in the evening I jumped into Dwight's 7:30 fitness class, a 20 minute Kettlebell ladder of swings, cleans, squats, and more. I thought it was a pretty tough workout, but Quintin raced through it even though he'd just finished an hour of sparring downstairs. All in all it was a great day of working out, completely undone by the vast quantities of food I ate when I got home. I guess I'll have to take more fitness classes today!

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