When Will They Learn?

10900610-large I think most people, like me, train Krav because it's fun, it's a great way to get in shape, and it makes you feel good. We're all aware that it's a great benefit to learn the best self-defense system in the world, but we don't actually lead our day-to-day lives as if danger lurks around every corner. Which is good, because that's a crazy way to live. However danger does lurk around SOME corners (or bushes, in this case) and it's great to know that you'll be prepared. If you follow that link you'll find the story of a woman who put her training to use in a very real world situation, and it's really lucky for her that years ago she took the steps to learn how to protect herself. When I read a story like that it always motivates me to get back in the gym and train, and I'm sure it will have the same effect for you as well.

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