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Saturday Extravaganza!

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We had an especially busy Saturday with the regular classes, a women's workshop, and a level 1 test in the afternoon. Level 3/4 kicked things off working wrestling and complex striking combinations, then level 1/2 came in to train on chokes standing and on the ground. [caption id="attachment_3125" align="aligncenter" width="775"]Ready to face the world! And a nap! Ready to face the world! And a nap![/caption] The women's' workshop was a success as always, as Cassie worked them through basic combatives and self-defense scenarios. All the participants did a fantastic job and we're glad they took this opportunity to improve their lives. We have these women's self-defense workshops every month, and it's always a pleasure to see some many people participating. [caption id="attachment_3124" align="aligncenter" width="775"]50 hours later... 50 hours later...[/caption] We try to avoid having two events on one day, but as we have more and more going on it can't always be avoided. Dwight ran the test, and if you've ever been in one of his classes you can imagine that he took it pretty easy on the testers. HAHAHA oh no, there was none of that. I'd say the test lasted, at a conservative estimate, about 50 hours. "But how is it over already?" you ask. Well the last drill in the level 1 test is traveling back through time to defeat your attacker before they think about attacking you, so that's why all level 1 tests end two hours after they begin, no matter how long they actually take. Congratulations to CJ, Sarah, Samantha, Rick, Luis, Barret, Dan, and Carter for their great effort and performances at the test, and we'll look forwards to seeing them in level 2!

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