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[caption id="attachment_3237" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Train under adverse conditions Train under adverse conditions[/caption] Well it’s raining again. It hasn’t been long since we had almost two weeks of continuous rain, and now it’s back. I personally don’t mind rain that much, because after spending a few dry years in Los Angeles I’m always happy to see precipitation. And when people complain about the weather it always sets off my inner contrarian, and I actually start enjoying bad weather just out of spite. People in Raleigh love to complain about the weather, as if whomever they’re talking to isn’t experiencing the same climate at the same time. We also act as if we’re entitled to some bespoke weather system that fits whatever mood we’re in at the time. I find difficult weather very humbling, as it reminds me that the weather isn’t for us. We just live here. And although we are influencing the climate, it’s really up to us to just deal with it. If it’s raining you put on a jacket; if it’s hot you drink more water. “Alright Ken,” you say, “You’ve convinced me. I’ll never complain about the weather again and treat rainy days as a character building opportunity. But what does this have to do with my training?” Well Krav Maga and fitness training is all about overcoming obstacles. And not just physical ones, like chokes and guns, but mental, emotional, and environmental ones as well. The weather is an obstacle. Really it’s an opportunity for excuses. Raining? Great day to stay inside with some hot chocolate. Blazing sun? Too hot to go train, better stay inside with a cold beer. Just right? It’s too nice to go train, better sit on the porch with a margarita. All of those sound great, but frankly: So what? Go train and then drink your hot chocolate or margarita. This is America, the Land of the Free; you can do both. And if your goals are to get stronger, lose weight, build confidence, and protect yourself and your family, you can’t let the weather be an obstacle.

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