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Testing Procedures in 2016

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[caption id="attachment_3368" align="aligncenter" width="900"]One day, you could be this relieved that something is over! One day, you could be this relieved that something is over![/caption] Testing will run in 3-month blocks, with a test date in March, June, September, and December. There will be a level 1 test on each of those dates, as well as some of the other levels, but not every level every time. It might seem complex at first with the scheduling and vocabulary, so I will try to clarify it here. The first thing to understand is the difference between a workshop and a review. Workshops are open, and recommended, to anyone in the level, even if you're fairly new. Workshops cover part of the material in a level but not all of it. There is a lot of instruction, more detail on the techniques and concepts, and also cover some of the small techniques that don't come up often in class. We also get to practice more complex drills that a regular class doesn't have time for. A review is much different. A review is basically a mock test - in fact that's what we used to call them. At a review you'll do all the material in the level at the same pace and intensity as if you were testing. It's not as long and arduous as the test, and we leave out most of the fun drills, but it's the best way of seeing if someone is ready to test. You should only come to a review when you feel like you can perform all the material well. If you want to test, you absolutely must qualify at a review. Although it's not technically required to come to any workshops, it's difficult to develop the necessary competence with the material to pass the review without attending any workshops. In each three month block we try to schedule at least one workshop for every level, and multiple workshops for levels with upcoming tests. That should clear things up for you. Start coming to the workshops as soon as one fits your schedule. There is a ton of material in each level, and every year we try to set the standards higher than the previous one. This new schedule should help everyone progress through the levels faster, but ultimately you still have to put in the work. The first three months are on our schedule page, so you can start planning now!

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