New Apparel

IMG_2674 We got some long awaited new apparel in today. First up are the Kravmas shirts, which many of our members earned in December. The challenge was the 12 Days of Kravmas, where they had to come in 12 times in December before Christmas. That's about every other day, so it was a tough achievement. We are not selling these shirts, they can only be earned with hard work and dilligence. But don't worry! Kravmas comes around every year, so if you missed 2015, we'll get you in 11 months. If you did earn a Kravmas shirt get yours and wear it with pride! IMG_2673 We also got new hoodies in stock. It's a unisex cut in sizes from XS to XXL, so there's definitely something that will fit you. They are lightweight and will be good for Winter, Spring, and Fall in North Carolina. These are very much for sale, and the quantity is limited so make sure you get one right away!

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