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Well, There Go My Excuses

[caption id="attachment_3430" align="aligncenter" width="900"]How dare she make me feel so lazy! How dare she make me feel so lazy![/caption] As someone who makes a lot of excuses, I've been thinking a lot about excuses lately. But then I saw this video of a guy with - at best - half an arm doing front squats, and I realized that it doesn't matter what I think. I'm pretty sure the fact that I stayed up a little too late last night is irrelevant. The fact is, the only thing stopping you from training is you. There might be a lot of things making it hard: Your job, your schedule, your fondness for French Onion dip, but it's up to you to overcome them. After all, if this guy isn't saying, "I can't workout because I have no arms," you probably shouldn't say, "I can't work out because Supergirl is on TV tonight."

In case you thought you had an excuse to not push yourself today...you don't! #DreamBig #Inspiration #NoExcuses #Motivation #Lift #WeightLifting #Squats #Crossfit #WODLife #Fitness #iamadaptive #adaptive #cfop #crossfitoaklandpark

Posted by CrossFit Oakland Park on Friday, January 29, 2016

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