KravCast Update and Error Fix

KravCast Over the last month there's been a persistent error with the KravCast feed, where new episodes will upload, but not go into the feed. So it might seem like we just stopped producing all of a sudden, but fortunately that's not the case. With some help I was able to get the problem mostly fixed and you can listen to the world's #1 Krav Maga podcast once again, but there is a bit of a catch. You'll need to use your podcasting app to search for the KravCast and manually download the latest episode (March 27th as of today). For me it actually showed up as a separate podcast, so I had two "KravCasts" in my podcast app. Just delete the old one, which stopped at Feb. 28th, and remember to edit your settings on the new one so you are subscribed. Apologies for the difficulties, and I hope it's smooth sailing from here on out.

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