Due to the resurgence of Covid, and for the safety of our community, at this time we can only enroll new members who are fully vaccinated.

Krav Returns Next Week

Krav Returns Next Week

Here's our planned schedule for next week. We managed to get most of the Krav classes back on the schedule, plus groundfighting and stretching. This schedule is a little tentative, so please stay tuned for updates, and as always, thank you for your patience during this transition. There are some slight modifications to the classes from the regular schedule so look closely. See you on the mats!


5:30 Fitness

6:30 Level 1

7:30 Level 4/5



6:45am Fitness

12:15 Level 2

5:30 Level 2

6:30 Groundfighting/Fitness

7:30 Level 1



12:15 Level 1

5:30 Fitness

5:30 Level 3/4

6:30 Stretch 

7:30 Mixed Level 1/2



6:45am Fitness

12:15 Level 3/4, Fitness

5:30 Level 1

6:30 Level 2



12:15 Mixed Level



10:00 Fitness

10:30 Mixed level Krav
11:30 Level 5

4:00 Mixed Level


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