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Snow Today? Also workshops and other events!

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Good morning everyone! In a complete defiance of all things holy, there is a chance it will snow this afternoon. Based on the predicted temperatures and precipitation, plus my previous career as a meteorologist, it doesn't seem likely that we'll get any significant accumulation. However there is always the possibility of freezing rain, and frozen roads, and so we will keep an eye on the situation. For right now the regular schedule is on, but we may have to make some quick changes to that as conditions develop.


We have our next Kid's Workshop on the schedule! It is April 7th at 12:30pm. These workshops have historically filled up, so register now! 


Having just concluded a massive level 1 test, it's time to look ahead to the next Testing block, when we will have testing opportunities at all levels! There are a bunch of workshops and tests in the next few months leading up to it, so check out this chart below: 

Mar 17L4 Workshop11:30 AM
Mar 24L3 Workshop11:30 AM
Mar 24L2 workshop 1:30 PM
Mar 24WSD1:30 PM
Apr 7Kids Workshop12:30 PM
Apr 14L4 Workshop11:30 AM
L2 Workshop1:30 PM
Apr 21L3 Workshop11:30 AM
L1 Workshop1:30 PM
Apr 28
May 5
May 12L4 Workshop11:30 AM
L2 Workshop1:30 PM
May 19L3 Workshop11:30 AM
L1 Workshop1:30 PM
May 26
June 2L3 ReviewL4 Review
June 9L1 ReviewL2 Review
June 16L1 TestL2 TestL3 TestL4 Test
June 23WSD

STUDIO UPDATES - Changing rooms, punching bags, and parking

Work continues to progress at the studio, athough not all of it is obvious so I'll keep everyone informed. We now have funcitonal changing rooms in the small room off the hallway. Please default to using those to change, leaving the bathrooms free for those people with pressing digestive needs. 

We replaced the cables for hanging punching bags with chain, so now it is unified back in the big room, and have also ordered two more punching bags, so those extra large fitness classes we've been seeing a couple times a month will have more bags to spread out on.

All of the construction debris is cleared from behind the studio, so feel free to park back there if you wish. There is actually quite a bit of space. The terrain is a little rough (just dirt) so our many, many Maserati owners may wish to park on the street for now. The landlord will be putting down some gravel to improve it back there soon. Anyway it's perfectly driveable, just not smooth. If you wish to park back there drive to the end of the street and turn left to get behind the buidlings. 

Quite a lot going on! Keep an eye out for updates on the weather, and we will see you at the studio!

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