Due to the resurgence of Covid, and for the safety of our community, at this time we can only enroll new members who are fully vaccinated.

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  • New Workshops and Better Masks

    Good morning everyone! First things first, I’m going to make a long overdue recommendation, and suggest a mask style that has really made a difference for me. We’ll be training in masks for a while yet, and getting something comfortable really helps. I will include the Amazon link , that may or may not work depending on if I get the formatting correct. Basically it’s a mask like in the picture, that has an adjustable band around the back of the head, a strong wire for the nose, and a pocket for you chin. It’s amazing to me how much of a difference it makes. It doesn’t come off when I train or talk, and I can ever wear it in grappling and BJJ and it ....

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  • Saturday Tests, Sparring, and Labor Day Weekend

    Good morning everyone! We have a big weekend, with two tests AND a schedule change on Saturday. The level 4 test is at 1:00pm, and the level 5 test is at 1:30pm this Saturday, September 4th. These are both high level, action packed tests, come check them out, cheer on the participants, and see advanced Krav Maga in action! Friday is open sparring, from 5:30 - 7:00pm. For those of you taking the Friday 12:15pm sparring series, the 5:30-6:00pm window will be a makeup class for anything you missed from the first classes in the series. Open sparring is for level 2 students and higher. This weekend is also Labor Day weekend, and we have some minor schedule changes. On Sunday the ....

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  • Sparring and Level 1 Test

    Happy everyone! The 6-week sparring series starts this Friday, August 20, at 12:15pm. This one-hour class will run every Friday at 12:15pm, and is open to students level 2 and higher. The class is progressive, so please try attend each week. There is no charge for this class, please sign up at kravmagaraleigh.com/event to reserve your spot! We have a level 1 test on Saturday, August 21 at 12:30. Come watch and support your training partners! Tests are always a fun spectator activity, and especially if you plan on taking your own level 1 test soon, it’s a great way to see what’s coming up. You may have noticed that the water cooler in the back is missing, but fear ....

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  • New Sparring Series Fridays!

    Good morning everyone! We have a 6-week sparring series starting next Friday at 12:15pm. This one-hour class will run every Friday at 12:15pm, and is open to students level 2 and higher. The class is progressive, so please try attend each week. There is no charge for this class, please sign up at kravmagaraleigh.com/event to reserve your spot! The next women’s self-defense workshop in August 28th at 12:30pm, and we have the level 1 test on Saturday the 21st at 12:30pm. Tests are always fun spectator events, and whether that level 1 test is in front of you or behind you, you’re invited to come and show your support for the people testing. There will definitely be ....

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  • Congratulations New Level 3 Students!

    Good morning everyone! First in the news: Congratulations to our new level 3 students! They had a very long, difficult, and HOT test on Saturday afternoon, and everybody gave 100%. Graduating to level 3 the culmination of month and years of work, not just the hours of the test, and this group did a great job earning their spots! Congratulations to In other news, many workshops, reviews, and tests are on the horizon. We have a level 1 review on Saturday, with a test two weeks later. It’s very likely we’ll have another level 1 workshop or second review on August 14th, for people that are almost qualified to test but not quite there. Open sparring is this Friday from ....

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  • July and August Workshops

    Good morning everyone. There are quite a few workshops and tests coming up for levels 1 and 2 by the end of August, and things do move around sometimes, so here's what we have scheduled at the moment. Everything is currently planned for 12:30pm. It's possible we'll add another level 1 workshop in August, because there haven't been many of those recently. Stay tuned for updates! Jul 17 Level 2 Review Jul 24 WSD Jul 31 Level 2 Test Aug 7 Level 1 Review Aug 14 Aug 21 Level 1 Test Aug 28 WSD ....

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  • Level 1 Test Prep and Vaccines!

    Good morning everyone! First, I’m happy to report that I’ve joined many of the KMR community in becoming fully vaccinated. Every day I’m hearing staff and members talk about getting their first or second dose, and we steadily moving towards the day when when the pandemic will be behind us, and we can take off those darn masks. But it is not this day! Stay patient, stay cautious, and we’ll get there soon. After the level 1 review on Saturday, we are close to the next test. We have what I’ll call another level 1 workshop this Saturday at 12:30pm to focus on the self-defense techniques, and give everyone more time to fill some gaps. This extra workshop is in ....

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  • Upcoming Workshops and Events

    Good morning everyone! We have some long-awaited Level 1 and Level 3 workshops coming up in March and April, as well as the next Women's Self-Defense Workshop on March 27. Read on for the schedule, and we'll see you on the mats! March 13 10:30am - 12:30pm - Level 3 Workshop 12:30pm - 3:30pm - Level 1 Workshop March 27 11:30am - 2:30pm - Level 3 Review 3:00 - Womens Self-Defense Workshop April 10 12:30 - 3:30pm - Level 1 Review April 27 12:30pm - Level 1 Test ....

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  • Get Ready For Kraventines!

    Good morning everyone! We are in the last week of January, so that means February and Kraventines is right around the corner. Those of you who have been with KMR for a year or more will remember Kraventines, a partner-attendance competition we run every year in February. Basically you and your "Krav spouse" (any training partner from the studio) will team up and come to classes together. Historically the competition has been that the Krav couple that takes the most classes in February before Valentine's Day wins a a gift card to a very nice Raleigh restaurant. Last year we had two Krav couples effectively shit down the competition with 25 and 27 classes respectively in two weeks, and to ....

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  • BJJ package for KMR Members! Also other things!

    Good morning everyone. The first big news: Many of the KMR members have been asking about training in BJJ with Irongrip Jiu-Jitsu, and after a bit of discussion we have put together the Ultimate Fighter Package,which gives unlimited access to KMR and Irongrip classes at a great discount on both programs! Write back or ask us at the desk for more information. A quick update for our level 3 and 4 members: On Wednesday we will now have a level 3 class at 5:30pm and a level 4 class at 6:30pm. We also have a level 4 workshop on January 23rd from 11:30am - 2:30pm. This workshop includes the level 3/4 class, which means that level 3 members can still attend that class as normal, and then ....

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